Amazing photos of Golden Fireflies in Japan

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It would seem that unusual can be done using a long shutter speed when photographing. The answer to this question is prompted by nature itself .

It is already known to use a long exposure in the work for frezelight, here is another picture – people just pick the right time at night and leave the camera on a tripod for some time – the rest is done for them by nature, but specifically – Golden Fireflies. As a result of such dance of light turns the real nature to freze light!

Each year in the Japanese prefecture of Okayama Maniva between the June and the season of storms and the July rainy season is countless fireflies.

I could not find information about who first had the idea of ​​capturing such small creatures, but the fact that from 2007 to 2011 was made a lot of amazing shots, looking at what they have created without the participation of person or the use of Photoshop

Yellow and green marks on their “torches” seem to be artificially imposed on the pre-filmed scenery is so unreal and fantastic looks the resulting image