Baby born with six legs

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In Sukur in Pakistan was born a healthy boy who has six legs.

Doctors have said that both mother and baby are healthy, but the child requires more attention because of the risk of infection, reports site “All Voices.” Father of boy Imran Sheikh, who is a medical technician who works on X-rays, could not believe when he heard the news.

“Congratulations. Your wife gave birth to a boy. They are both healthy, but … Your son is healthy but has six legs instead of two, “said the nurse-Sheikh.

His wife had a complicated birth, and doctors had to operate it.
Sheikh doctors explained that the boy surgery can remove excess limbs, but it is necessary to take him to Karachi.
The boy’s father does not have enough income for that time and the operation, so for now he had a boy and a woman to take home.

He therefore sent a petition government for financial assistance.
Because it is a true medical miracle, Sheikh hopes his government, NGOs and philanthropists to help ensure the child a normal life.
Sheikh and his wife have been married for four years and this is the first child.