Bald chicken

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Soon the shelves of European and American shops will decorate the new genetically modified chickens. They are fundamentally different from the usual chicken – not feathered friends, because the tail is completely absent from them …

Genetics of the Institute of Agriculture Rehovot near Tel Aviv did a titanic work, the result of which was the birth of the chicken without feathers. Everyone who has ever faced the problem of “cleaning” the birds know perfectly well how exciting and enjoyable is the process of pulling feathers. Therefore, Israeli researchers set out to a new breed of broiler chickens, which would have saved time and money to producers of chicken meat. Genetically modified chickens have no feathers, and their skin is reddish in color.

Moreover, these birds grow faster than ordinary chickens, and caloric content of their meat is much less. The project led by Professor Avigor Kahaner, but he warned that this type of chicken can not tolerate the cold climate of northern Europe. In connection with this growing bald chickens in, say, Britain or the Scandinavian countries is difficult.

On assurances of Israeli scientists genetically altered chickens are safe for human health, but society activists animal rights believe that such developments should be discontinued. They believe that genetics will soon reach growing up already roasted chicken, meat is ready to eat without cooking, but it will not be able to affect the environmental situation in the world.