Cluster balloon across the Atlantic

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Adventurer Jonathan Trappe became the first person to cross the English Channel on … balloons. Yes, yes, like the main character from the animated film “Up!”. The following year, Jonathan is going to fly the 365 hot air balloons across the Atlantic.

To do this, Jonathan Trappe is preparing 365 balloons filled with helium, as well as an inflatable boat.Trapp has launched a major public campaign and attracted considerable interest to . For the purchase of helium and special balls, resistant to UV, he will need $ 300 000, which he collected on the Internet. In his mission he has already invested 170 thousand dollars.

Many balloonists tried to cross the Atlantic for decades. Five died trying to do it, and so far it could not be done by anyone.

In 2010, Trapp hit the news headlines in many international publications, flying from England to Belgium on a bunch of balloons – just like Carl Fredricksen in the animated film “Up!”.

Aeronaut from the city Raleigh, North Carolina, learns to control the boat in case he falls into the ocean. Unique gondola will be with open-top, but covered with a canopy to protect the pilot from the cold and wind at high altitude. If something goes wrong, Trapp can withdraw his suit for protection from UV and change clothes in a wetsuit, pierce enough balloons so that gondola could land on the water.

Trapp will be flying at an altitude between 5400 m 7600, trying to beat his previous record – 6,500 meters. Previously, the longest uninterrupted distance, which he was able to fly, was equal to 37 km. This time he will have to multiply that by 10 times.

Trapp plans to travel from Maine, USA, in Paris, France. However, he will depend on the weather and nature, and perhaps he would have to land anywhere in the area from Norway to North America.

Four meteorologist will work around the clock in the command center in Wyoming, United States, to ensure that the Trapp will be safe. Weather – the most important element of this event.

On traps will be an oxygen mask on the highest parts of the flight. Also it will be sand bags as ballast. “I’ll bring more food and water than I need, so I can also reset them if necessary.”

Jonathan Trappe set the record for crossing the Alps – the highest number of balloons and the longest distance.

Jonathan Trappe successfully lands on a farm near Dunkirk.

View from a height of 3032 meters. In this flight, Jonathan Trappe used 55 balls attached to an office chair in June 2008.