Crowd in the Tokyo subway

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Artistic picture of daily crowds in the Tokyo subway at rush hour.

In the project “Crush in Tokyo,” Michael Wolf photographed the people behind the glass of cars subway .

Applying a diverse set of perspectives and visual approaches, Wolf uses his camera to show the human energy that flows through the modern city. His photographs captivate their frankness and singularity.

Every day many people come into this underground hell and spend hours in the narrow space between the glass, with other people who also go to their place of work or back home.

In the photo depicted by Michael Wolff are countless faces, each of whom is trying to sustain this apparent madness in their own way. And, most interestingly, in the photo you do not find evil people. People are suffering unattractive situation without aggression, and in complete silence.

The project “Crush in Tokyo,” focuses on the madness of Tokyo underground system.

Hidden beauty of pictures is that they seem to suggest that you think through the very destiny of every tired, squeezed traveler.

The situation in the underground city, home to some 13 million people is compounded by the fact that every weekday here come another 2.5 million people hurrying to work or study.

People are so accustomed to terrible packed and crowded subway, that in this situation do contrive to unimaginable things to enjoy music, reading or napping peacefully.

Looking at the photo with the breath of the crowd misted windows of cars, flattened against the glass bodies and faces the lucky ones who managed to get into the cars and he start to feel some discomfort.

Indeed, Michael Wolff photo project “Crush in Tokyo”,is showing everyday and quite familiar situation in Tokyo – a real nightmare for the claustrophobic.