Hulk from Brazil

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Paulo Henrique dos Santos (35) from Vila Cruzeiro, Brazil, recently went to a party disguised as a comic book hero from “Hulk”. However, experienced a real shock when he discovered that the green color which is smeared permanent and can not be removed!

After many unsuccessful scrubbing paint, the Brazilian revealed that the smeared paint used for painting of ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines. As reported by the Brazilian site “” Paulo Sunday and Monday was spent in bathing, but the color does not come off even slightly.

To Halk responded: Paulo coated durable green paint

Paulo worked as DJs in Rio Deženeiru, and is known as MC Maronzinjo. Not only was embarrassed by the fact that it’s green, local media ran a photo of his mother helping him in bathing, but underneath they wrote that it was his girlfriend.

Only after twenty-bath colors began to undress, and Paul says he has no regrets over the incident.