Incredible animals from flowers in China

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Chelsea Flower Show is in the past, but fans of gardening and flower aesthetics can head to China. It was there, in Xi’an, the capital of the northwestern Chinese province of Shaansi, is hosting an international horticultural exhibition, which visitors can partake of the masterpieces of Topiary – the art of clipping trees and ornamental shrubs, which combines natural and naturalness of human genius.

Multicolored: stunning floral sculptures of elephants in the middle of the flower beds.

Let us sit down and rest – the giant panda, one of the animals, which are the national symbol of China.
Very popular among tourists topiarnyh image of a giant panda, which is nursing her baby. Topiariusy also created an amazing phlegmatic cow and a trio of elephants in the middle of the flower beds, one of whom is blowing, raising his trunk.Basis topiarnyh art is planting a metal frame and further cut, repeating its outlines, in order to create some decorative form.The exhibition opened in April and last about six months. It is assumed that in order to join the wonderful masterpieces of art topiarnyh, Sian will visit approximately twelve million tourists. Xian is one of the most important historical centers of China and also in the vicinity of the town is the so-called “Terracotta Army” burial, at least 8,099 full-size terracotta statues of Chinese warriors and their horses, discovered in 1974 near the tomb Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

Phlegmatic, a very plump cow invariably attracts visitors.

Ape and a crane. The most surprising of these living sculptures topiarnyh – that during a show they will continue to grow.
At the Chelsea Flower Show 2011, held in May, also had strange artifacts, including a Korean garden, Hae-woo-so, a central element of which was a toilet cubicle.
Won a gold medal Irish heavenly garden Diarmud Gavin consisted of the usual British plants, which grow in a hanging pot of bright pink. Exposition Thailand consisted of exotic animals, including elephant and the dragon, which were made entirely of flowers.

And another elephant – the same one made of flowers exhibit flower show, which last May in Chelsea.