Live fish as a keychain

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The shocking fashion last days in China is to hang a keychain airtight package with a fish, a small turtle, or even by a small waterfowl. Enclosed in an oxygen imprisoned animal lives for a few days, and it is in the best case. Most depressing of all is that all this is perfectly legal.

In China, there are almost no laws against cruelty to animals, they are forced to perform in circuses, and their meat is served in almost every restaurant. There is a law only for the protection of wild animals, fish and reptiles do not fall into this category. Consequently, they can not defend, but animal welfare activists oppose the sale of trinkets.

Two gold fish, sealed in a plastic bag to use for keychains are sold in every roadside stall in Beijing. This bag will cost you only 10 yuan, equal to about 1.50 USD.