Little Prince

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Making different toys out of papier-mache, solidifying clay, fabric, etc. etc..

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Alien from the movie “Prometheus”

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Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is one of the most visually stunning movies. It’s full of astonishing images.Every single one of those images was the result of hours of work by a team of designers who worked literally around the clock.This is the making of alien from the movie “Prometheus”.

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Pokemon – it is a cult. Especially in Japan. The Japanese company toy «Tamara Tomy» decided to revive its former popularity of Pokemon, making the two cars of Toyota’s two most popular Pokemon – Pikachu and Oshawott. Unfortunately, these machines are unlikely to ever leave the exhibition center.

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Evil pig for Christmas

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One guy was making a marzipan pig as a Christmas present for two girls age 5 and 7. But the pig turned out to look so evil… Take a look.

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