Tattooed cat

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In Tatarstan, a 24-year-old tattoo artist decided to make his cat a tattoo. Thus, the guy wanted to make a pet like himself. Timur tattooed on cats ches phrase that has become addition to his own tattoo on the same spot. The process of tattooing a cat guy posted on the Internet.

On 2year old cat Coco tattoos were done under general anesthesia. The animal was put to sleep for an hour. All the while he was under the supervision of a veterinarian. The tattoo on the Latin “Carpe diem” means “to enjoy the moment” (literally “catch the day”), often translated as “Seize the moment.”

Once the video hit the network, Timur poured the negative reviews, saying he mocks the animal. At the same time, Kazan has defenders who say that this is innovative.