The girl who ate a sponges for washing dishes

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In today’s world, all striving for a healthy diet, but 21-year-old Kerry Trebilcock totally committed to it, and you can try to say to the contrary. In fact, it is completely inedible, for the average person, things. A young girl from Cornwall eats soap and sponge.

Over a lifetime, she ate more than 4,000 sponges for washing dishes and more than 100 pieces of soap. Kerry suffers from a rare disease called Pica. People with Pica, as you know, eat a lot of non-food items, ranging from metal and sand, and up to the chalk, lamps and furniture. Over time, the diet consisted of Kerry sponges soaked in tea or hot chocolate, or with mustard and barbecue sauce. She never leaves home without a snack – a small plastic bag with a sponge cut into slices and sauce to it. But Kerry was not always so, the propensity to consume sponges she appeared in 2008, after undergoing intestinal infection, which she received in the journey in Morocco. Up to what point the situation is only getting worse and the body, using a few dishes to desserts remained hungry and demanded a sponge or even a few. In 2009 she went to the doctor. And that’s when she put this rare diagnosis. To date, she took a big step to recovery. Doctors prescribed her vitamin intake and gradually the number of jaws dropped to 1 per week.