Unusual delicacies

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Asia is famous for its exquisite cuisine, delicacies, spices and flavors – but in some countries you can offer a very strange, to say the terrible food that you will hardly ever dare to try. However, some of the dishes can be found in Europe and America

Eye tuna

Is a miracle of art of cooking can be found only in Japan. Surely this is the giant fish eye, which you’ve ever seen. And, of course, the saliva in your mouth at the sight of this delicacy was not there. The only way to eat this thing – it’s quick to swallow it and forget it, otherwise the consequences will be very predictable.

Blood broth

These bloody chunks of ordinary food into culinary workshops in Laos, but if you still can not wait to try it, broth, you can always find it on the market Phousy, in Luang Prabang.

Bovine eggs

This is the most common food in the household in southern China, it is often possible to see how the bull balls hanging in a butcher’s shop, along with other kinds of meat. As the Chinese say, we are open to any meal.


Boiled bat very valuable course in Asia. And is this dish is not quite cheap and is a true delicacy. You can try it in Fiji, and other Asian countries say that taste like chicken.

Pork brains

Although this dish and you will not find super unusual, but still you will not find it in every restaurant.


Boiled duck’s egg, which already formed fetus with feathers, beaks and cartilage. Is consumed mainly people of Cambodia. Those who tried this dish, crisp taste specially noted (perhaps because of the half-formed bone.)

Mice in wine

Is wine made ​​in the following way: fill the bottle of rice wine young and leave a three-day mice wine “languishing” in the year to merge so to speak flavors. It is believed that the wine is very useful and is a real remedy in some parts of Korea. On the palate the wine is referred to as kerosene.

Boiled sheep’s head

This delicacy common in the Middle East – Iran, Iraq. This dish is served to the table even in Kazakhstan, and cut its most respected member of the family!

Hakarl – rotten shark

Hakarl – it’s nothing but a rotten to the last muscle cells of meat Greenland harmless basking shark. Ambergris hakarla like odor that prevails in the groomed public toilets. A look hakarl, like cheese, diced.

Hakarl comes in two varieties: from a rotten stomach and muscle tissue from rotting. For stores hakarl packed like our squid with beer from the canteen. Unsophisticated consumers are advised to at first tasting stop nose because the smell is much stronger taste. He looks like a very spicy whitefish or mackerel in Hebrew. In Iceland, this delicacy is a must-festivals at Christmas and New Year. Eat rotten akulyatinu – means to be steadfast and strong, like a Viking.