Wrought iron Volkswagen beetle

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Wrought Iron Volkswagen Beetle It has natural air-conditioning but is perhaps not great for rainy weather, this wrought-iron VW Beetle is a unique ride. A company is more used to making gates and fencing but decided to make an eye-catching promotion for their work. Working in secret from the rest of Croatian company MG Vrbanus’s staff, three craftsmen painstakingly handmade the body ready to be mounted onto a VW Beetle frame.

The project took four months and 3000 man hours to complete with details including exterior 24-carat gold leaf and hand-stitched leather interior. Fashioned from a white 1970 Type 1, the car was completely stripped down to the bare mechanics before the ornate body was applied. Sandro Vrbanus explains: “The idea of using a Volkswagen Beetle came about because it was in production for so long it really became an iconic car. Everyone knows the Beetle and can readily identify with it. Besides which, it would be not too difficult to remove the sheet metal bodywork and replace it with wrought iron sections.”

The design was first pencil sketched before the panel was unbolted and used as a template upon which the various crafted pieces were placed and checked for correct curvature and length before being welded together. Each component was bespoke, and although the workforce in the main factory was curious as to exactly what was going on, no-one was given a sneak preview until the project was completed. The finished work was so precise that the window glass could be refitted into the original rubber mouldings. The wrought iron bodywork added an additional 70kg the original weight of 820kg.

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Photo by Andy Willsheer / Rex Features