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Have you ever thought that technology has the potential to make humanity worse? Several field researchers agree that it can affect our health as well. Here are just a few of the problems that may arise from making use of some of the most popular inventions in the IT industry.

poor eyesightPoor Eyesight

bad postureBad Posture

sedentary lifestyleSedentary Lifestyle


Recent Articles

eyesightTechnology Is Hurting Our Eyes

Did you know that most Americans stare at their computers, tablets and smartphones about 9 hours each day, on average? According to researchers, the time spent in front of those screens can cause eye strain and other vision problems. About 70% of U.S. adults have problems, and those who are aged 18 to 34 are at the highest risk.

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slouchingComputers Give Us Bad Posture

Take a moment to notice your posture while you are reading this content piece: your head is probably tilted toward the monitor, and your spine is curved forwards. A team of medical professionals have published a study which demonstrates that this bad posture leads to headaches, poor concentration, fatigue, muscle tension and spine injury.

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blue lightBlue Light Affects Kids & Sleep

Many parents allow kids to watch TV or spend time using their phones before going to bed. However, the blue component of the light that's emitted by those devices delays the release of melatonin, an essential hormone produced by the pineal gland which regulates the sleep-wake cycle. So, don't be surprised that your kids are deprived of sleep.

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addictionHow Technology Keeps Us Hooked

WHO will soon include in its 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) the "gaming disorder", a pattern of behavior which is characterized by the inability to stop playing games. Social media sites utilize scarcity, social proof, newsfeed personalization and reciprocity to keep us connected and feed our addiction as well.

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online safety

Recent News

sedentary behaviorTechnology and Sedentary Behavior

Advances in technology have made people spend much more time inside their homes watching television dramas, browsing the Internet and playing online games, rather than going out to a theatre or taking a stroll in the woods. Health specialists state that moderate levels of physical activity help us burn calories and stay healthy.

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mental healthDigital Technologies and Mental Health

Scientists have studied the adverse effects of technology - especially social media - on teenagers' mental health. Surprisingly, teenage depression rates started to rise in 2002, when adolescents began to use social media platforms in larger and larger numbers. Teenage girls are most exposed, with rates that can reach 25%.

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relationshipsTechnology Impacts Relationships

The Internet has helped us connect with family, friends and strangers in a way that simply wasn't possible only a few decades ago. And yet, all these wonderful opportunities have come at a cost. We enjoy connecting with our virtual friends on social media sites, but we have forgotten to interact with "real" people in the physical world.

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online privacyWhat Will Happen with Online Privacy?

Marc Groman, former Senior Advisor for Privacy in the White House, believes that our content and information won't be able to remain confidential in this era of advanced technologies. We should be able to control how personal data is collected and used by third parties, but advertisers are harvesting a lot of data from our devices.

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